Brisbane Stores That Get The MESSAGE!

Brisbane is more than just the original home of The MESSAGE. In fact, Brisbane increasingly becoming one of the biggest centres of table top gaming in Australia, if not the world. And so many of these wonderful game centres have got the MESSAGE!

The Four d4 are a group of gamers who do it all: make a panel show, publish comics, write blogs and travel the country bringing gaming to the world, at conventions and at weekly game sessions at Grill’d burger bar in the Valley and at Chermside. Those happen every Thursday night and are free!

007  Dylan and Ellen of the Four d4 showing how seriously they take gaming.

The Four D4 have just started filming their videos at a new location: the GO Lounge which also happens to be Brisbane’s first fully-dedicated gaming café! Open all weeknights and all day on weekends you can come in and play every game on the shelves for one tiny price!


Go Lounge is run by the indomitable Cindy Wong!

GO Lounge also sells some games but if you want the fullest range of boardgames available and an awesome space to play them, there’s Good Games in Spring Hill! You can’t play the board games without paying for them but every second Saturday they have casual bring-along board game sessions to enjoy on their many tables in full air-conditioning. They’ve also have sessions of RPGs like GURPS, Pathfinder and 13th Age. You can check their website for event details and you should because you may find the place swarming with players of Magic, Netrunner, Spoils, or Yu-Gi-Oh, or Warhammer, Warmachine or countless others.

Cassie from Good Games Gets The MESSAGE

Cassie is the owner of Good Games and occasionally stands next to weirdos.

Equally popular for wargaming and cardgaming and the madness that is Friday Night Magic is Ace Comics and Games. They have two locations, one in the Queen Street Mall in the heart of Brisbane and the other in Annerley, and even if the first isn’t quite as massive as the second both are fit to burst when it comes to gaming events, and games and geek paraphernalia to sink your budget into.

Pol From Ace Gets The MESSAGECertified MESSAGE-fresh!

Still not enough? Once a month there are all-day gamer events provided by the League of Extraordinary Gamers, now at their new venue at the Woolloongabba Bridge Club! Like the GO Lounge a small fee covers the entire day but you can also sign up and save with a yearly membership! They also have yearly holidays entirely centred around games if you need the 24-hour experience.


People hard at game at June’s LXG event!

STILL not enough? Then the last Thursday of every month you can head to King George Square for free board games all night! They focus on their giant games like Giant Scrabble, Giant Jenga and Giant Chess but they also have giant boxes of regular-sized board games. Remember to rug up in winter though, as our town square is completely exposed to these cold winter breezes!

There’s actually even more than this in Brisbane – game stores abound and all of them have their own game nights! We had to stop here though because it was taking forever to get them all accredited and we wanted to get this blog post out before Christmas. And that’s the important thing to remember: all the places and events listed here are MESSAGE-certified, dedicated to gaming that is open and inclusive to women and all minorities. And all of them have superb food available in store or just next door, so you can game like a king and eat like one as well! Brisbane is truly a gamer’s paradise!